Platooned MVPs Selected


World of Tanks names the winners of the last week's contest MVPs: Platoons. That time our tankers were to establish best combat skills being in a platoon.

And now find the nicknames of the luckies!

Platoons of 3:

  • Arkanor, Shackram, Fazar - 8,000 Gold to each
  • SilentDemise, ForceRun, YoshiFire - 6,000 Gold to each
  • DavisNARF, Sir_Shaggy, Da_G - 4,000 Gold to each
  • Aelomnomnom, the_maus_trap, WolvenHaven - 2,000 Gold to each
  • r123219, ckh, henry197804 - 1,000 Gold to each         

Special prize: xanieeee, Bakal, TamarawFX - 3,000 Gold to each

Platoons of 2:

  • Imperuan, Faratia  - 8,000 Gold to each
  • Arkanor, Shackram - 6,000 Gold to each
  • DavisNARF, Da_G - 4,000 Gold to each
  • PurpleNurplez, Anu12345 - 2,000 Gold to each
  • Rilak, Dodoma - 1,000 Gold to each

Congrats to winners!

If you have any complaints, please post them in the discussion thread, they will be processed in working order.

Stay tuned for more World of Tanks!

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