OPG: World of Tanks Review

World of Tanks proves to be an excellent MMO game, receiving good marks from Outpostgamez.com.

The gaming portal OPG thoroughly reviews World of Tanks and gives its valuation to the game, describing its features in detail:"On to the tanks! There are currently Russian, German, and American tank trees available. Russian tanks tend to favor mobility with hard hitting but slow firing guns. German tanks have more armor, their rounds do less damage but penetrate armor better. American tanks tend to fall in-between these two with the notable exception of having very weak hull armor but make up for it with massive turret armor. The stats of these tanks have led to a lot of contention on the forums. Fortunately, the devs have noticed and are working on ways to ensure the tanks will be properly balanced upon release."

Besides, the portal acknowledges game's lacks, nevertheless, praising its benefits, calling World of Tanks an enjoyable non-pay MMO.

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