Operation Husky Special: Kill the Deserter!

A new event under the name Kill the Deserter will be launched on North American server.

Kill the Deserter event will take place from 9.00 pm UTC till 5.00 am UTC during three days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday (July 28-30). At that time a special account named DESERTER_WG will be in game. People who want to destroy the secrets that are necessary for WoT development team are hiding under this name. That is why the task of the tankers is to kill deserters in order to prevent the loss of information. The deserter will use one of the following vehicles: T-28, T-34, Pz IV, Stug-III, M4 Sherman and M10 Wolverine.

As it was mentioned above, in order to receive gold a player will have to destroy the Deserter's tank, then make a screenshot and submit it in the special forum topic, which will be open for all next week. After the topic is closed, we will make lists of submitters and winners. You will receive 250 gold for each kill.

In case you love this event we will run it every week!

Follow the updates and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!

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