Interviewed Sergey Burkatovskiy

In his interview Sergey Burkatovskiy talks about all major aspects that might be of interest for the future players. Which time periods the aircrafts will represent and why namely those have been chosen, what kind of features the game will boast and what tactics gamers will be able to use… All these and a lot of other issues are dwelled upon by the developer.  

How the game can be attractive for both, hardcore simulation fans and newbies, you will also find out from the interview.

“I’m not a “virtual” ace myself, but I find the battles in World of Warplanes quite interesting and engaging. At the same time we have some truly hardcore flight simulator players on our team that find the gameplay deep enough for their sophisticated tastes. What’s important is that we will make the controls simple and user-friendly omitting all these tricky tumblers and levers needed just to take off in some flight sims. We want the player to fight against the enemy, not against the controls,” Sergey Burkatovskiy says.

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