November Design Your Own Vehicle Winners

Steampunk Tank Contest


After many hours going over submissions, and having most of the NA staff voting on the designs, we have chosen our top three for both categories.

Seeing the amount of submissions we received, we would also like to announce the “Director’s Choice Award,” which is being given out to the favorite submissions, selected by Wargaming America’s Art Director.


1st Place – Petuko

Petuko's excellent submission has be selected as winner for the Hand-drawn/Painted category, rewarding 10,000.

Steampunk Tank

This submission has also received the Director's Choice Award. Here are a few thoughts from our Art Director on why he chose this submission:

This is a great illustration. The tank is playful, yet has a very stout feeling. The texture and shading quality is superb. I love the addition of the cow catcher on the front. Very fun!

2nd Place – Reklaw

Reklaw has captured second place, taking home a prize of 8,000!

Steampunk Tank

3rd Place – HAZET

HAZET's entry rounds out the category, coming in third and securing a prize of 5,000.

Steampunk Tank

3D Rendered

1st Place – dllu

dllu's entry is our winner for the 3D Rendered category, rewarding 13,000.

Steampunk Tank

This entry has also been recognized with the Director's Choice Award for the category. Here are some comments from our Art Director on why he chose this particular submission:

This is a great submission. There are a ton of wonderful details on this tank. I especially like the red light coming out through the portals and the gear where the canon comes through the turret. Additionally, the shader and render quality is fantastic. I really enjoyed the detail, depth of field renders.

2nd Place – Zerg63

Zerg63's entry has taken second place in the category, resulting in a prize of 10,000.

Steampunk Tank

3rd Place – HollowNinja

HollowNinja has captured third with this fantastic submission, resulting in a prize of 6,000.

Steampunk Tank

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating! We thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and seeing your designs; many of you have amazing talent that we’re honored to be able to showcase to all World of Tanks Players.

Keep your eyes peeled for honorable mentions that we'll share throughout the month!