Announcing the November Creative Contest Winners



First, thanks to everyone for participating in the Thanksgiving Creative Contest for World of Tanks. There were so many amazing submissions, we hope you had fun writing them. So without further ado, here's the winners:

Things I am Thankful for in My World of Tanks

USMarine: 20,000

A world of tanks.
Whirling steel, flying rounds,
credits to bank, explosions all around.

I'm thankful for the aforementioned.
I'm thankful for the teams who come together in times of great tension.
I'm thankful for variety and spice in selection.
I'm thankful I am able to come home, boot up, kick on "tanks" and begin my evening decompression.

The lights who scoot right through and the arty there on the spot.
The mediums who flank wide, and the heavies who don't drop the shot.
The slip, slide, and airborne physics!
The motivating, hating critics!

I'm thankful for the clan I'm in.
If I were to go there, I wouldn't know where to begin!

Constant platoons, and company battles to fight!
Constant battling mayhem every-single-night!
Teamwork, communication, targeting, cooperation,
just wreaking absolute havoc and complete devastation.

I'm thankful for the ability to speed up my grind.
It honestly helps, since I have to work; to save me some time.
I'm thankful that the game is free, it allows so many other people to play with me!

I'm t'ankful for the community when we combat the trolls!
It is a great feeling when when the mods step in and prevent them from taking their toll!

All of these things, I am so t'ankful for.
I could go on and on but I'll spare you
and say no more.

There may be arguments,
There may be fights,
but in the end,
We're all playing tanks tonight!

I am Thankful

Knightmare93: 16,000

My IS-4 cannot be beaten.
My KV got into a tier 5 match.
My Easy 8 faced against noob tier 8s.
I am thankful for MM.

My Super Pershing absorbed 16 rounds from various tier 9 tanks.
My E-100 deflected a shot from an IS-7.
My IS-3 absorbed a shot to the side from a T32.
I am thankful for spaced armor.

My Super Pershing earned me 30,000 credits.
My T34 earned me 40,000 credits.
My M22 Locust earned me 8000 credits.
I am thankful for premium tanks.

My T32 was saved by an M12.
My M4 Sherman got pinned by a KV-2 which got taken out by 3 of our SPG's.
My AMX 13 F3 AM took out an enemy Hummel at 163 metres.
I am thankful for arty.

My T20's mantlet absorbed a shell from an E-50.
My T29 took no damage when I got hit in the range finders.
My King Tiger's tracks absorbed all the damage while I was brawling in the city.
I am thankful for no damage criticals.

My T-50 stayed hidden while I passively scouted their entire team.
My StuG III wasted a KV-3 while I stayed hidden.
My Tiger tank stayed hidden behind that bush while I sniped.
I am thankful for invisible tanks.

I am thankful for all these controversial topics which I can use to my advantage.  

Ode to the Wallet Warriors

Kiwiarse: 14,000

I’m thankful for the pack of Type-59s who descend like ravenous locusts, bouncing every shot I send their way as they rampage through our team’s flank.
I’m thankful for the base-camping Lowe that kills my crew though I’m clear across the map – and I still don’t know where he is.
I’m thankful for the harmless-looking Churchill that reveals a relentless jackhammer of a gun that wears me down in seconds.
I’m thankful for the T34 who catches me at close range and almost gives me a concussion with a mighty blast that destroys my tank in a single shot.
I’m thankful for the 8.8cm Jagdtiger who shoots fast and never misses.
I’m thankful for the battleship that is the KV-5, fearlessly meandering into our ranks and absorbing shot after shot, after shot, as he returns fire and lights us up for his sniping comrades and artillery.

Why you might ask, would I be so thankful for these formidable foes? It’s because these Wallet Warriors make it possible for me to PLAY FOR FREE!

I’m thankful, that at no cost to me, I get the exciting gaming; the fellowship of other players; the joy of being rescued by team-mates I’ve never met; the chance to be a hero and “take one for the team;” or to be a champion and save another Tanker.

I’m thankful, that at no cost to me, I am able to build a garage of awesome tanks of my own, a barracks of highly-trained crews, and a portfolio of tactics and strategies that win battles.

I’m thankful, that at no cost to me, I can be a reliable foot soldier; or a leader of men. But most of all I am thankful, that at no cost to me, I have patiently worked my way up to the fearsome IS-4 that can render Wallet Warriors to smoking heaps of twisted metal with relative ease.

Happy Thanksgiving Tankers.


qinosen: 12,000

4:30 pm
…  No, I got this one; go chase down that panther.
…Awwww yeah!!  I just ammo racked him!
…damn I just tracked myself on that little hill…
Honey??  We’re waiting on you…
…Yea I see him
… Second arty is running towards you, I’m reloading
Knock, knock
…no idea where he went, I killed the other one on the bridge, whoa, there he is behind the church!
…go left!
Wait wait, what happened?  Why is everything crashed?!?

--Computer Room
Assessment of situation:
Observe wife with power cord in right hand, large knife in left hand, very cross expression
Realize wife meltdown in progress (15 seconds, 14, 13…)
Solution 1. Ignore wife, resign self to destruction and divorce, alone forever--negative
Solution 2. Say thank you,  “I’ll help with the dishes too”  avoid eye contact as you take the knife and go downstairs—Success!

--Dining room Table
Full Family in attendance
Nod at father in-law and nephew; platoon-mates playing in the basement
John, would you like to say Grace?
That’s not funny Nick… alright, let’s bow our heads,

Father we thank you for this food and those who prepared it. We thank you for all the blessings in our lives large and small, and we thank you that we are able to share this as a family, Amen.
--glance at wife, confirm meltdown averted, penalty for damage to thanksgiving dinner, no tanks for a week.

--Dining room Table
Carving the Turkey
Penultimate moment, the first cut.
Fork ready, knife ready, everyone watching…
Adjust platter one more time for a better angle
Insert fork
Pull knife back and down… clink!
Pen no damage!
Stare angrily at Nick and Jeff,
Check wife for aggro, she seems confused… so am I? what did I hit?
The little plastic thermometer thingy… Sigh… even Turkeys are protected by RNG?!?

--Computer Room
So how’d it end?
You didn’t see it?
NO!! that’s why I’m asking…
It was glorious, you rammed him and then he fired right at you killing you and himself to end the match.
Awesome… thanks for the recap.

I am Thankful for WOT as a game where I can blow stuff up with friends and family alike and let off a little pixel animated high-explosive stress among friends.  Winning or losing this is a great game.

Of Tanks and Thankfulness

KaiserMartens: 10,000

Once upon a time, the Internet was a mysterious place. One would have to connect a seemingly magical piece of hardware into one's phone socket to allow our brand-new computers to sing their digital tune, their ancient protocols for connecting to the digital world. One which was just starting to bloom. A land without many of the websites familiar to us today. It was like going back in time, and becoming an explorer of a new, foreign continent. Some considered this the dark ages, while others praised the golden nineties. Be it as it may, I shall explain to you, concisely, why one must be thankful for the existance of a game such as World of Tanks.

For us experienced sailors of the waves of the web, it is easy to forget how interesting the Internet used to be. We have played many games, fought countless battles. In land and mountain, chat and terminals, by sword and gun, we are an ancient breed of gamers that have known to conquer the new, virgin territory of the digital era. And yet now, we find ourselves, like veterans, simply exhausted. Time and time again, new MMOGs are created, always revolving around the same themes. Be it magic or sword, or be it a mere ripoff of an older, famed game. I, personally, had come to a point in which seeing the same formulas, overdone time and time again did nothing but generate deep, crushing boredom. I was tired.

Giving up, laying my sword to rest, was when I could see a glimmer of hope just flickering in the distance like… a Valkyrie - of Eternal War and Glory, of Prussian stem, and yet created in the distant fields of the land of the Rus: World of Tanks had been released! I hopped on my tank, and put my helmet on, feeling like a knight. It was time for warfare: It was time for combat. I would not have to put up with lighthearted, bland fantasy. I would not have to deal with ancient gameplay formulas that have become completely obsolete. Now I had my Panzer and my Cannon. Wargaming had lived up to its namesake and delivered a technically superior, extremely playable game in which I could experience new adventures from within my tank.

On this day, we must be grateful. World of Tanks: Thank you for existing!


Winners should see Gold automatically applied to their account in the next 24 to 48 hours. Again, thank you for all of the amazing submissions and keep an eye on our portal for future contests!

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