Name that Map Twitter Contest! [TODAY]



It's that time again! We are having a Name that Map Twitter Contest today! Every other Friday, a post will be made on the Official World of Tanks Twitter account with a #Namethatmap hashtag and a picture. This picture will show an interesting part of the map many may have or have not noticed before. The first 5 correct replies will win 1000!


To enter you must:


2. Today,  Friday, October 19th at 4pm PST (7pm EST), a new messgae similar to this will be posted tothe Official World of Tanks Twitter account: RT this if you've seen this billboard! Reply with the map you saw it on.#Namethatmap 

3. Reply to the post with the map you have seen that specific item in the Twitter picture.



The first 5 correct replies on Twitter will win 1000!


Here is an example from the first post!



Answer: @Worldoftanks Port!


The new Twitter post will be made at 4pm PST (7pm EST) today!

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