NA Replays - Your RNG Wanted

Ever had a zany moment in battle that you want to share? We want to see 'em -- rams, flips, blind-shot destructions, and everything in between! Send us a replay with some RNG-worthy moments for your chance to be included in the next episode of NA Replays.

How to Enter

  • Go to WoT Replays 
  • Upload a replay from the most recent WoT update with something RNG-worthy
  • Under “Replay Description,” enter the in-game timestamp of the RNG moment plus a caption of why it’s RNG material
  • WoT Replays naming convention: NA RNG - [your title]
  • Complete this survey with the following info: 
    • Your in-game name
    • WoT Replays link
    • Description of what happened in the replay
    • Timestamp when it happened

If your replay is chosen, you’ll get 1,500