Win a Mystery Box in March!

Nothing can arouse your curiosity like a mystery box full of physical prizes! This month, we're giving away these boxes to the lucky winners of our weekly mystery contests.

You must reside in the United States to win a mystery box. If a player from outside the U.S. wins a contest, they will receive a mystery box of in-game tanks.

Mystery Week #1

"I spy with my little eye something that's on Facebook." (Hint: click on the link for a chance at a mystery box!)

Mystery Week #2

Check our Facebook page on March 14 for a post issuing your covert assignment for a chance to win a mystery box.

Mystery Week #3

On March 21, scout Facebook for the third task and another chance to win a mystery box.

Mystery Week #4

Play World of Tanks on March 28 and monitor your notifications for instructions on how to proceed in the last mystery contest.