MVPs: Platoons


One can not stand against many alone. But with help of friends he can become victorious. This is the first time we request you Team Work more, than usual. Are you ready to stand this challenge? Then show up in the contest and boast your great team combat skills!

You can read useful information regarding platoons here.

We are looking for players who will achieve the best results in “Platoon of 2” and “Platoon of 3” categories from now till 23.59 UTC (11.59pm UTC) of the 11th of September.

  • Every player can take part in the contest;
  • If player for some reasons cannot submit battles for himself, he can ask another user to do it. Any complaints on the acts of the asked player won't be considered;
  • Platoon MVP points is a sum of MVP points of each platoon member;
  • MVP Points earning rules are specific for each category.

Please, post your screenshots in this thread. Full rules of the contest can be found there as well.

Participant of winning platoon in each category will be awarded 8,000 Gold each, the second place will bring them 6,000 Gold for each and the third prize-holders will enjoy 4,000 Gold each. Also we will give 2,000 Gold for the 4th place and 1,000 Gold for the 5th to each participant of winning platoons.

Take part in the contest and hit more frags!

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