MVP: Steel and Light

Who gives artillery targets to shoot? Who helps the team to plan the tactics? And who give team the time to implement it, surviving under enemy fire? Light and Heavy tanks. ‘Scouts’ and ‘Steel Walls’. All WoT players know how important for the team these tanks are! We are looking for a person who will achieve the best results in this categories from now till 23.59 UTC (11.59pm UTC) of the 28th of July.

Please, post your screenshots in this forum topic.

Important notes about the contest:

  • Every player takes part in the event;
  • Player with the biggest amount of MVP points wins; MVP Points earning rules are specific for each category:
  • Players can submit up to 3 battle results for each category, each battle result should include the end battle window screenshot and the garage with the end battle pop-up message screenshot (see the example);
  • To take a screenshot press Ctrl+PrtScr. If your keyboard does not have such keys, you are advised to use any free software. They all are saved in the general in-game folder;
  • Players can participate in 2 different categories: ‘Scouts’ and ‘Steel Walls’;
  • For the ‘Scouts’ category all light tanks are allowed;

The ‘Scouts’ category has following rules for earning the points:

  • Players receive one point for each detected enemy in the end battle window. This amount is doubled, if the player’s team wins and the player survives. Also participants receive an additional 5 points for the‘Scout’ battle hero achievement;
  • For the ‘Steel Walls’ category Tier 7 and Tier 8 Heavy Tanks are allowed (IS,PzKpfw VI Tiger, T29, IS-3, PzKpfw VIB Tiger II, T32, KV-5, Lowe, M6A2E1);

The ‘Steel Walls’ category has the following rules for earning points:

  • The battle result will be counted only if player receives ‘Steel Wall’ battle hero achievement. Each hit received by player’s tank counts as an MVP Point;
  • All contest entries (battle results) are to be submitted before 23.59 UTC (11.59pm UTC) of the 28th of July;
  • The same player can win in more than one category.

Winners in each category will be awarded 3,000 Gold, the second place will bring you 2,500 Gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 2,000 Gold.

Roll in and partake in the event!