MVP: Steel and Light Winners

Most Valuable Player contest series continues its way on World of Tanks battlefields. This time Light and Heavy tanks players were to provide screenshots proving that they are best shooters. At this stage we are ready to announce the winners of this contest!

The record of the fighters in the former category was 105 points. (How the points were counted, you can learn here).

The perfect killer in Scouts category is berdugo who scored 105 points, which bring him 3,000 in-game gold! The runners-up are FearTheTurtle and Vash8349 with 101 points, that give him 2,500 Gold, and the third prize-holder is Sanctity whose 99 points give him 2,000 in-game gold. Amorak will be awarded 750 Gold for the fourth place. Armor and L3G1T got 93 points and will be awarded 500 Gold each! dustbowl also gets 500 Gold for strving for victory and good results!

Steel Wall category winners are the following: TanoSkywalker with the record of 125 points, that bring him 3,000 Gold! Eahi (82 points) earns 2,500 Gold. Third place goes to LKAL and SuaSponte who got 69 points and will be awarded with 2,000 in-game gold each. NinjaFisT was close to third place getting 68 points and will receive 750 Gold. And kittens78 received 34 points, getting 500 in-game gold. Fr33Th1nk3r will also be awarded 500 Gold for good performance.

All screenshots can be found this forum topic.

NB! We are willing to make the rules as clear as possible for all the tankers to comprehend. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the discussion topic. Your questions will be taken into account when forming the rules for the next likewise event.

We congratulate our winners and are looking forward to your further partaking!

Stay tuned!

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