Hitting your opponent, an important part of the battle. Some say the most important.

At this stage we give World of Tanks best snipers to boast their abilities and show the master results that will strike the enemy!

Players can participate in 2 different categories: ‘Sniper: Damage’ and ‘Sniper: Frags', each category has its own rules.

The general contest rules are the following:

  • - Every player can take part in the event;
  • - If player for some reasons cannot submit battles for himself, he can ask another user to do it. Any complaints on the acts of the asked player won't be considered;
  • - Player with the biggest amount of MVP points wins;
  • - MVP Points earning rules are specific for each category;
  • - Players can submit up to 3 battle results for each category, each battle result must include the end battle window screenshot and the garage with the end battle pop-up message screenshot (see the example);
  • - All screenshots for all 3 battle results for each category must be submitted in 1 (one) post. Fragmented entries over many posts will not be considered. You may submit 1 post for each category;
  • - Battles can be performed on different vehicles and do not have to be in sequence, just submit the best battles during the allowed time;
  • - The only change permitted to be implemented on screenshots is the concealment of gold, credits and free XP amount on the garage screenshot (see First Battle garage screenshot in the example);
  • - Player must calculate the amount of MVP points he has and post it in the top of the entry message. If no score is visible your entry will not be considered;
  • - Training, company and clan wars battles won’t be considered;
  • - To take a screenshot press Ctrl+PrtScr. If your keyboard does not have such keys, you are advised to use any free software. They all are saved in the general in-game folder;
  • - The same player can win in more than one category.

UPD. August 20. The contest is over, its results will be announced soon.

Winners in each category will be awarded 3,000 Gold, the second place will bring you 2,500 Gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 2,000 Gold. Also we will give 1,000 Gold for the 4th place and 500 Gold for the 5th.

All rules are given in the special forum topic. In the same topic, please, post your screenshots.

And now good luck and hit more frags!

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