MVP: Kill and Damage

The new Most Valuable Player: Kill and Damage event starts immediately and will last till 23.59 UTC August 28th. The details of the contest you will find on the forum.

This time World of Tanks is looking for players who will achieve the best results in two categories: “Kill'em all” and “Confederate”. As usual to win in either of the categories a player needs to gain as many MVP points as possible.

In Kill'em all category the following vehicles can be used for killing:

  • Only one Light Tank is allowed. And it's name is Valentine;
  • Medium Tanks Matilda, T-34, Ram-II, PzKpfw III/IV, PzKpfw IV, M7, M4A3E8 Sherman are allowed;
  • Heavy Tanks KV-1S, PzKpfw B2 740 (f), T1 Heavy, PzKpfw VI Tiger are allowed;
  • SU-76 TD is also allowed.

The results earned in a battle count only if the battle ended in a victory. Each destroyed tank counts as 1 MVP point. Each additional battle achievement ('Top Gun', 'Defender', 'Invader', 'Steel Wall', 'Confederate', 'Scout') gives extra 3 MVP points.

In Confederate category you can ride the following steel monsters:

  • Tier 5 SPG are allowed;
  • In order to participate, player has to earn 'Confederate' achievement for the battle. Entries without this achievement won't be counted;
  • Each damaged tank counts as 1 MVP point, each killed tank counts as 2 MVP points;
  • Each additional battle achievement ('Top Gun', 'Defender', 'Invader', 'Scout') gives extra 3 MVP points.

And don't forget to post your screenshots in the respective thread!

Winners in each category will be awarded 8,000 Gold, the second place will bring you 6,000 Gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 4,000 Gold. Also we will give 2,000 Gold for the 4th place and 1,000 Gold for the 5th.

Good luck and have fun on the battlefield!

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