MVP: Firestorm

Although self-propelled guns and tank destroyers do not fight on frontlines, they are of great value for their teams and may turn the game drastically.

This time we will be looking for players who are able to deal with those vehicles perfectly. We have arranged two categories to show off ones skills in. They are Death from Above for Arty players and Confederate for those who prefer TDs. Obviously tankers may want to participate in the contest in both categories which is allowed according to the rules.

From now till 23.59 UTC August 4th you can start earning the MVP points necessary for gaining a victory.
For the Death from Above category Tier 3-6 vehicles are allowed (SU-26, Sturmpanzer II, Wespe, М37, SU-5, Grille, M7 Priest, SU-8, Hummel, M41, SU-14, S-51, GW-Panther, M12). The points will be counted in the following way: players receive two points for each destroyed enemy vehicle and one point for each damaged enemy vehicle. This amount is doubled, if the player’s team wins and the player survives (both conditions are met). Also participants receive additional 9 points for the Reaper achievement.

Struggling for victory in the Confederate category, players are allowed to use Tier 4 and Tier 7 Tank Destroyers (SU-85B, Hetzer, T-40, SU-85, Stug III, M-10 Wolverine, SU-100, JagdPz IV, M36 Slugger, SU-152 Jagdpanther, T25 AT). To earn points they will have to get the Confederate achievement. Only in this case their results will count.  Each enemy hit dealt by player’s tank counts as 1 MVP point.
All contest entries (battle results) are to be submitted before 23.59 UTC of August 4th in a special forum thread.  There you can also find the detailed rules of the contest.
Winners in each category will be awarded 3,000 Gold, the second place will bring the pleyer 2,500 Gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 2,000 Gold.

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