MVP Event: Battle of Overloon



In honor of the Battle of Overloon that transpired between September 30th and October 18, 1944, we would like to do a Most Valuable Player contest.

The Battle of Overloon began as the Allies advanced towards the village of Overloon in the Netherlands. The US 7th Armored division was the first to attack, but after they became overwhelmed and suffered several casualties, the British 3rd Infantry Division and the British 11th Armored Division arrived to help and to finally capture the village.

If you would like to join in on this event and honor the Battle of Overloon, please be sure to read the rules carefully to avoid any confusion or possibility of disqualification. Submissions are only eligible between September 30, 2011 at 12:01AM PDT and October 2, 2011 at 11:59PM PDT.

MVP Rules

  • All players can participate in this event (NA server).
  • The player with the most MVP points wins.
  • Submit all your screenshots and MVP points to:
  • Screenshots from other players showing your achievement/kills are accepted. Any other comments or complaints will not be considered from other players showing your achievements/kills.
  • Calculate the amount of MVP points you acquired for each battle and be sure to post it at the top of your email. No score posted in your email will lead to disqualification.
  • Players can submit up to 3 battle results for each category, with 2 pictures for each submission:
    • One screenshot with the end of the battle window.
    • One screenshot of the pop up of the battle in the garage.
  • All screenshots for all 3 battle results for each category must be submitted in 1 email. You may send in two separate emails for both categories.
  • When submitting your screenshots, you are allowed to conceal the amount of gold, credits and free XP you have. Any other changes will disqualify your entry into the contest.
  • To take a screenshot press Ctrl+PrtScr. If you are using Bootcamp on a Mac computer, try using Fn + F11 to take a screenshot. If your keyboard does not have such keys, you are advised to use any free software. They all are saved in the general in-game folder.
  • All battles are to be done individually or in platoons - training, company and clan wars battles will not be considered.
  • The same player can win in more than one category.
  • Only these tanks are allowed:
    • M4 Sherman
    • M10 Wolverine
    • M7 Priest
    • M5 Stuart
    • PzKpfw V Panther
    • PzKpfw IV
    • Hummel
    • JagdPanther
    • StuG III

Category Rules

Top Gun

  • Use only the tanks described above
  • Each destroyed tank = 2 MVP point
  • Each damaged tank = 1 MVP point
  • Each additional achievement (Defender, Invader, Steel Wall, Confederate or Scout) = 3 MVP points.
  • Your entry will only be considered if you earned the Top Gun achievement.
  • The battle needs to end in a victory.


  • Use only the tanks described above
  • Each damaged tank = 2 MVP point.
  • Each destroyed tank = 1 MVP points
  • Your entry will only be considered if you earned the Confederate achievement.
  • Each additional battle achievement ('Top Gun', 'Defender', confederate, 'Scout') gives 3 MVP points.


You could win a total of 8000 gold!

  • 1st place: 8000 gold.
  • 2nd place: 6000 gold
  • 3rd place: 4000 gold
  • 4th place: 2000 gold
  • 5th place: 1000 gold