MVP: Eliminator



We are excited to announce our next Most Valuable Player contest. The first prize for this contest is a signed 'doodle' sketch by SerB, the Lead Game Designer for! We were able to acquire this drawing when some of us from Wargaming America went to visit the headquarters in Minsk last December. When we saw this drawing we were astounded by the precision and detail of this drawing. He was able to draw this with no tools, just his ball point pen and his incredible skill, during one of the meetings!



For this MVP, you may submit only one battle. This one battle must be played and submitted between Friday, February 24, 12:01 AM PST and Sunday, February 26th, 11:59 PM PST (8:01 AM UTC Friday - 7:59 AM UTC Monday)

The minimum requirement for this battle is to have destroyed at least 10 vehicles.

If you meet this requirement, your one battle will be scored against other players' battles by base XP points.

To calculate your base XP points:

  • If your battle was the first victory of the day, divide by 2.
  • If you have a premium account: Total XP/15 = base XP points.
  • If you have a standard account: Total XP/10 = base XP points.

Remember, you must have a minimum of ten (10) destroyed vehicles to qualify for this contest. There are no tier limits and you may use any armored vehicle you want.

This may only be done by joining the Random Battle queue solo. It is not allowed to be completed in:

  • Tank Companies
  • Platoons
  • Training Battles
  • Tournaments
  • Clan Wars

What to submit:

  • Send an email to
  • Include your game name in the email
  • Include your base XP points total in the email
  • Add: MVP Eliminator in the subject of the email
  • Mandatory: one screenshot of the garage after your battle showing the garage pop up with the XP gain, date of the battle and time (do not crop this image as that immediately disqualifies you)
  • Mandatory: one screenshot taken at the end of your battle showing the list of tanks you destroyed (or the replay)



  1. Signed and framed SerB sketch + 15000
  2. 10000
  3. 8000
  4. 6000
  5. 4000


Good luck to all of you! The first prize winner will be contacted after the winners have been announced to exchange details about sending the drawing.