MVP: Assault and Defense

What is important for gaining victory except kills? Definitely capturing the base!

In the current Most valuable Player round we are looking for players who will achieve the best results in Assault and Defense categories from now till 06:00 UTC August 12th.

To win in the first category players have to choose Tier 3 – 4 Light tanks, or Tier 5-6 Medium tanks, or Tier 7-8 Heavy tanks. Alternatively Tier 4-5 TD's can be used. The rules of earning MVP points in the Assault category are simple: each capture point counts as 1 MVP point. Only random battles results will be considered (not training, company or clan wars battles).

To win in the Defense category players have to defend the base and each defense point will equal 1 MVP point. For this category the following vehicles are allowed: Tier 5-7 SPGs, Tier 5-6 Medium tanks, Tier 7-8 Heavy tanks and Tier 4-5 TDs.

As usual one and the same player can participate in both categories.

All contest entries (battle results) are to be submitted before 06:00 UTC August 12th.

Winners in each category will be awarded 3,000 gold, the second place will bring you 2,500 gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 2,000 gold. Also we will give 1000 gold for the 4th place and 500 gold for the 5th most valuable player.

The detailed rules of the current round of Most Valuable Player contest you will find on the forum.

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