Monster Showdown's High XP Contest

The time has come to bring your XP powers together in the Monster Showdown High XP Contest! Running from October 26 to November 1, you and your fellow tankers can take part in a heated in-game competition. Those commanders with the highest XP and a handful of randomly selected winners will receive a ton of excellent prizes including Premium time, Gold and rare Premium tanks such as the Type 59M56 Scorpion and more! Plus, bonuses will be included in the scores, so take advantage of the in-game events going on this week to boost your chances at winning big prizes.

How to Enter

  1. Take a screenshot of your after-battle report on the "Personal Score" tab.
  2. Send the screenshot to with the subject as "Monster Showdown - [YOUR IN-GAME NAME]"  -- Failure to correctly title your submission can disqualify you -- Server data will verify whether the winning entries took place during the time of the contest
  3. Fill out this short survey.

Top XP Winners' Prizes


2nd - 5th

6th - 10th

  • 59-Patton
  • Garage Slot
  • 6,000
  • 1 monthPremium Account

10th - 20th

Random Winners' Prizes


1 randomly chosen winner

49 randomly chosen winners

  • Garage slot
  • 2,000
  • 3 daysPremium Account

Monster Hunt

12:00-18:00 PT (15:00-21:00 ET)

If you enter battle against a Wargaming employee or Club Wargaming member in bright yellow camo, you win 250 for destroying them!


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