Has a Shot at World of Tanks

"World of tanks have made sure that they have reached the middle ground between making a tank easy to control while adding in-depth customisation," - says. has provided a review of World of Tanks, which will be helpful to those who start playing the game or are already playing it. The article is dedicated to game features such as gaming modes, tanks and controls. Furthermore, it depicts technical aspects of the game, making it easier for a newcomer to roll into the game without getting lost in controls or questions like "What to do next?". To cut it short,'s review shall be an excellent guide to the game for its players!

"World of Tanks represents a huge leap in free-to-play gaming with it incorporating some many other aspects of MMO genres; while it is a action-based MMO, it has many characteristics of RPG, through need to upgrade and research developments. Shooter, where the player can choose to either have a third person view or have a sniper view and see right down the barrel and finally strategy, where teamwork and battle plans are needed to survive."

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