MMORPG: Interview about World of Warplanes

" Tell us about World of Warplanes? Was it always a part of the World of Tanks plan?

Alexander Zezulin: World of Warplanes is a free-to-play MMO-action game dedicated to air combat that will combine features of a flight simulator as well as traditional MMO elements. The planes represented in the game will span the period from 1930's to 1950's. When we worked on World of Tanks our team was focused on creating "tank" gameplay only having no warplanes in mind. The decision to start working on a new game came closer to World of Tanks release date."

Air combat scenarios, the game structure, the reward system of World of Warplanes are just a few topics discussed in the interview. Alexander Zezulin, a World of Warplanes developer, gives sincere answers to all questions that were asked, stating the facts about the new game project. A good piece of news for those who cannot sit still already is that "we plan on launching the closed beta by the end of the year. However, some trusted and reliable World of Tanks players will be allowed into the game earlier as we'll invite them to take part in the alpha testing."

And of course, the release date is the top question of all players!

"Alexander Zezulin: As World of Warplanes is still in its alpha phase it's a bit early to talk about firm dates, but we plan to have the closed beta launched by the end of this year."

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