MMORPG: A Different Kind of Tanking

In the Official Review, Adam Tingle takes a look at the tank simulation MMO that's taking the world by storm.  And here goes the authour’s standpoint: “World of Tanks allows us to live the dream. With the click of the mouse, and a shuffle of the keyboard, it is possible to own not just one metal death machine, but six! The collective dreams of boys worldwide has been realised within one piece of software. You reverse back and forth throughout battles, scattering firepower wherever you see fit, and blowing the steely guts out of other tanks. The only way this game would be more suited to masculinity would be if topless women strutted about the on the sidelines shouting "Cars! Fighting! Pie!"

In the end Adam Tingle assesses the game and World of Tanks gets 8.1 out of 10 from!

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