MMOFringe Reviews World of Tanks

"World of Tanks is a team based armored warfare game based around tanks and other tracked vehicles. now this isn't a true MMORPG so think more along the lines of Counterstrike in tanks....except where that game lacks any upgrading and is locked into only one character type WOT offers immense upgrades and a myriad of tanks to choose from."

The gaming info-source depicts the game features pointing out its gameplay and graphics. Another captivating feature highlighted is that World of Tanks is very addictive and real fun.

"This is a RMT game which might put off some gamers but has actually implemented this in a fair way. You can play entirely for free or you can buy the premium level... Quickly moving into a large powerful tank without the experience to use it properly will make you a burden to your team. Premium also comes with other benefits like voice chat and the ability to form clan battles."

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