Matryoshka Names Winners


The cunning Matryoshka is back, and after giving several riddles the smart tankers is ready to give prizes away! So read the nicknames of the winners, maybe you're on the list!

Each of the following warriors will receive 2,500 gold for answering the questions correctly: Ilya17, RayJones, Type97ChiHa, James_Lee, Skirmish, Sushihammer, Znath, Geen, Remilia, godoftheman, Westwooda, Deathskyz, lolbutter, briannguyen, Maxanov. Congrats to you!

And each one of the following tankers will get 1,000 in-game gold: RKazza, Jarosh, djuice1701, RacerDemon, Skinnybones_FV, Otto_matic_Reiffel, DrvUMad, asermax, Brontoscorpio, Pollenz. Good luck in further partaking!

Congrats to you, guys, and see you next time in the next quiz!

Stay tuned!

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