MAS Completed

Matryoshka Assault Shipping quest took place in World of Tanks on June 8th and lasted for 24 hours. It attracted hundreds of participants, who exerted every effort to give answers to all its tricky questions and send them in time to get our Golden prizes.

This time Matryoshka was super cunning as it hid its riddles on various websites, while the riddles were extremely hard to think out.

In general, we received more than 800 letters with answers, but very few of them were correct. And now we announce the winners of the quest!

Hank2972, Strange_TW, WaffleFries and Commander_Jay are the winners and each of them will be awarded 5,000 Gold. The120mm, BlowPhish and  JoePoliticallyCorrect take 5-7 places correspondingly, and each will receive 2,500 in-game gold. And RedeemerPL, Katukov and Damascus took 8-10 places and each of them will get 1,250 Gold.

We congratulate our smart winners and wish all of you good luck in further partaking!

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