Map Madness

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Note: The map prediction submission period is now over. Emails sent after the submission time will not be considered. 

Tankers, let the map madness begin!

Map Madness is a single-elimination tournament style voting bracket to find the community’s favorite World of Tanks map! 16 maps will go head to head in 4 rounds and only the maps with the most votes will move forward.  

Winning Map Prediction (CLOSED)

Before the voting begins, you can submit which map you think will win against all the others for a chance to win gold. 

Please email your submissions to between Tuesday, March 20th 7PM PDT (10pm EST; March 21th 2 AM UTC) and ends Wednesday, March 21, at 11:59 PM PDT (2:59am EST; March 22, at 6:59 AM UTC). Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.

Be sure to add:

  • Map Madness in the subject line
  • Your in-game name
  • The map you think will have the most votes in the final round.

Choose one of the following 16 maps:

  • Abbey
  • Arctic Region
  • Cliff
  • Ensk
  • Erlenberg
  • Fisherman's Bay
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Mines
  • Mountain Pass
  • Murovanka
  • Prokhorovka
  • Redshire
  • Ruinberg
  • Siegfried Line
  • Steppes
  • Westfield

The map bracket can be found here.

 If your email is missing any of these or is sent after the submission time, your map prediction will not be considered.


  • The players that successfully choose the winning map will be entered into raffle for 1000. (Up to 10 correct random players will be chosen)
  • 10 other random players will receive 300 for participating.
  • All winners will be selected and announced after voting is finished. 


Map Madness Voting:

The voting process will take place in the World of Tanks Official forums. The Map Madness thread can be found here.

Voting schedule:

Round 1: Matches 1-8  CLOSED
Start: Thursday, March 22, at 12:00 AM PDT (3:00 AM EDT; 7:00 AM UTC)
End:   Friday, March 23, at 11:59 PM PDT (2:59 AM EDT; March 24, at 6:59 AM UTC)

Round 2: Matches 9-12 CLOSED 
Start: Monday, March 26, at 12:00 AM PDT (3:00 AM EDT; 7:00 AM UTC)
End: Tuesday, March 27, at 11:59 PM PDT (2:59 AM EDT; March 28, at 6:59 AM UTC)

Round 3: Matches 13 & 14 OPEN
Start: Wednesday, March 28, at 12:00 AM PDT (3:00 AM EDT; 7:00 AM UTC)
End: Thursday, March 29, at 11:59 PM PDT (2:59 AM EDT; March 30, at 6:59 AM UTC)

Start: Friday, March 30, at 12:00 AM PDT (3:00 AM EDT; 7:00 UTC)
End: Friday, March 30, at 11:59 PM PDT (2:59 AM EDT; April 1, at 6:59 UTC)

Stay tuned for updates! GOOD LUCK! 

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