Map Madness: Prediction Winners

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Thank you to all those who submittied predictions and voted in the forum polls. Over 10,000 players voted in a span of a week and a half! In the final hour before the final voting round was closed, Abbey and Himmelsdorf were tied and the winner only won by 18 votes. 

The map bracket can be found here.

The winner of Map Madness was: *drumroll*




The 10 random players who will recieve 1000  for correctly predicting Himmesldorf are:

  • Dumpmaster
  • flybird
  • 13elite37
  • Nathaniel_Horatio_Nutmeg
  • _youwiththehair_
  • sleeper52
  • Lawrencium
  • appletree
  • Lukkie
  • SlackyBee


The next 10 players were randomly selected to receive 300 gold for participating: 

  • ohsi
  • Hibachi
  • Theundeadelvis
  • Flying_Tigers
  • TheGreenTank
  • FlashThunder
  • Aegis777
  • DoctorWHY
  • Gutter_Ball
  • Hawat

Congratulations to all the winners!

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