Make the Lightest Tank

Longing for handicraft? Then partake in the new World of Tanks contest, that offers you to make your own WoT paper tank. Certainly, you do not have to send the paper model to, all you need to do after making your own tank is to send us pictures of your work. The winner in each category (German, Soviet or American tank categories) will receive 3,500 gold, second place will be awarded 3,000 gold and third place will enjoy 2,500 gold.

The contest starts immediately and will end on the 31th of July 23:59 UTC.

Please, post your works in this forum topic.

Important requirements and notes regarding the contest submissions:

  • The theme is Paper Tank;
  • Every user can take part in the contest, but only one submission (and not more than 3 pictures of this work) per user is allowed.
  • Tank should be implemented in WoT or at least be in development;
  • For the creation of the paper model any measures are allowed;
  • The model should contain an inscription with player’s nickname.

Some requirements for photos:

  • To help the scale evaluation one of the photos should contain either a coin or a box of matches near the model.
  • Photo should be posted with the [IMG][/IMG] tag around it in the special contest section of the forum. If you post more than one picture, they all should be posted inside a Spoiler tag.
  • The resolution should not exceed 1024x768, the size should not be more than 1MB and only jpeg format is allowed;
  • The image should not violate moral, ethic, juridical norms and the EULA.

We welcome you to the contest and are waiting for your works!