M3 Stuart All Star Event

All Star M3

In honor of the first use of the M3 Stuart Light Tank in battle on November 19th, 1942, we are doing another “All Star” event for the M3 Stuart. For this All Star event, we ask the players to use only the American M3 Stuart Light tank.

Here are the rules for this event:

  • Stay alive!
  • Only NA server players can participate in this event
  • Submit your best battle to events@worldoftanks.com, with M3 Stuart All Star as the subject
  • Only one battle can be submitted
  • Add your game name in the email

We need 2 screenshots for this event:

  • One screenshot of the end battle window with the amount of tanks destroyed and damaged.
  • One screenshot of the garage with the end game pop up showing the achievements (do NOT crop the small pop up, we need to verify also the game name).
  • Show the MVP points calculations and total in your email.
  • Add your game name in the email.

Add these as MVP points:

Destroyed tanks: 2 MVP points

Damaged tanks: 1 MVP point

Spotted tanks: 1 MVP points

Defender: 3 MVP points

Invader: 3 MVP points

Scout: 3 MVP points

Sniper: 3 MVP points

Top Gun: 3 MVP points

Confederate: 3 MVP points

This event starts on November 19th at 12:01 AM PST and ends November 23rd at 11:59PM PST time (8:01 AM Saturday UTC  - 7:59  AM Thursday UTC).

Please be sure to do all your battles and send in your submission between these two times. Only random battles allowed.


1st place: 8000 gold.

2nd place: 6000 gold

3rd place: 4000 gold

4th place: 2000 gold

5th place: 1000 gold