Lord of the Tanks. UPDATE

Can you be Lord of the Tanks, Tank Macho, Desperate and Gorgeous Tanker? Prove it! Take part in new WOT contest.

Send us a photo, picture, painting, drawing, even a sketch will do! What we are really interested in is how you can deal with a tank in that image. So, this is the main criterion: we want to see you and a tank together.

There are no restrictions on the way of presentation. You can either take a picture of yourself in front of tank monument or stick your picture to a drawing of a tank or paint yourself in front of a vehicle. Anything will do!

Remember, if you really want to succeed in this contest you have to be a gentle Lord of the Tanks. all judges who will evaluate the contest entries are girls! All female part of WOT development team is already at watch and waiting impatiently for your pictures to be posted on forums.

The guy who will be named Lord of the Tanks by the judges will be awarded 5,000 gold.

The second best will get 3,000 gold.

The share of 1,500 gold will get to the macho who will occupy the third place.

Our female tankers should take no offence as the same contest will be held for them shortly. Moreover, they can enjoy the current one surely and express their opinions in forum threads. They will also be taken into account when choosing WoT Lord of the Tanks.

The contest starts now and will be closed in two weeks, July 3rd at 23.59.

Good luck!

UPD. The contest is over. We thank everyone for their interest and participation. The amount of entries is so big that it will take a few days to proceed them. The results will be presented within a week.

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