Loltraktor Webcomic Contest



The Loltraktor Webcomics are celebrating their one year anniversary, and the mighty Loltraktor wants YOU to join the party. This event, starting tomorrow,  will last until November 30th.

Here is how you participate:

During the course of this event, WALLACHIA will post here certain catchphrases of his webcomic. Then, look for WG_Loltraktor or Wallachia himself in-game (He will only be using the Leichtraktor), go to him and send him the latest catchphrase (found in the forum) and webcomic chapter it is from, and be sure to take a screenshot of this exchange.


  • You must be on the same team as one either Wallachia or WG_Loltraktor,
  •  Wallachia or WG_Loltraktor must be alive when you send the phrase in general chat.
  • When you do, take a screenshot and post it here.
  • For every valid screenshot a player will have a chance to be awarded 250 gold.

Two things to be noted, however:

  • You can take part in more than one catchphrase
  • Whenever Wallachia sends a new catchphrase, the old one is no longer valid

So, whenever you feel like, search for them in the battlefield and team up for wonderful prizes!

When you have your screenshot, please be sure to post it in this thread.

If you have any questions, please be sure to contact Wallachia for details.

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