Leichtraktor Company Contest Winners!



As you all know, we had a great idea for a Leichtraktor Company contest. Seeing this was a "test" run for this contest, we have successfully tweaked the rules for the next Company Contest we do to make this contest more fair and fun! As for this contest, we decided to add all the placement prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) and divide all the gold between all the qualified winners of this contest, seeing we have about 21 tanks companies that managed to reach 43 points (330 players!).

Here are the leaders of the companies that we will be awarding the divided gold:

  • Alamode
  • Archangel051
  • BlooWaffle
  • dopper
  • ebigunso
  • Gegil
  • HotBeef
  • johnny182
  • Kez_Dog
  • kufo
  • Lapse
  • MarlekOdomiel77
  • Masasume
  • Rico0808
  • sean911
  • ThorsHammer4
  • ValkyrieVewas
  • VimyRidge1917
  • WaffleFries
  • WalterND14

All in all, there are 315 players that were able to qualify for the top score. This means that all the gold (from all the placements) will be divided between all the players! Congratulations! This is a total of 55500 gold.

Any of the submissions sent in with team kills were not considered.

Thank you for participating and we hope that you enjoyed this contest. The rules for the next company contest will be altered.

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