Lady Tank Contest Is Over

Lady Tank is a contest not only for girl tankers but also for tankers’ reliable partners, who support them when they are on WOT battlefields. Those who don’t whine because of lack of attention and don’t nag having been replaced by steel monsters!

If you have recognized your girlfriend or wife in the description above or if this description is all about you, dear female tankers, take your chance to show it off!

The rules of the contest are simple: send us a photo, picture, painting, drawing, or sketch depicting a girl who is either a dedicated WOT tanker or a tanker’s trustworthy partner. As during the previous likewise contest we are looking forward to seeing how girls deal with a tank in that image. As you can gather, the main criterion is still the same: there should be a girl and a tank in the picture. There are no restrictions on the way of presentation. Image editing is allowed.

The only difference from Lord of the Tanks will be in the panel of judges. This time all judges who will evaluate the contest entries are men only!

The girl who will get the proud name Lady Tank will be awarded 5,000 gold.

The first Vice Lady Tank will get 3,000 gold. And the second Vice Lady Tank will receive 1,500 gold.

UPD. July 25. The contest is over; its results will be announced soon.

Contest entries are to be posted on forums

Good luck!

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