Kill the Mod on CBT B-Day!

On July 8th, 2010 Closed Beta Test was launched within World of Tanks. In commemoration of this terrific date World of Tanks will carry Kill the Mod: Happy B-Day event! For your convenience, we decided to hold the event on July 9th, and to divide it into two parts so that more players will have opportunity to partake in killing mods.

Stage 1. Starting from 13:00 and till 15:00 UTC on July 9th, developers, administrators and moderators will raise platoons to fight with or against you. Either way, you still can earn gold. Being in one team with WoT representatives and winning over the rivals will bring you 250 gold. Fighting against them and winning will bring you the same amount of gold leaving the opposite team back at the bottom of the ladder. In case of a draw both the teams will get no gold.

Stage 2. Starting from 18:00 and till 20:00 UTC on July 9th, devs, admins and mods will form tank companies and will wait for you on the battlefields. Each warrior will be awarded with 1,000 gold in case of victory. If devs prove to be stronger the prize will be 500 gold. Bear in mind that meeting WoT members on battlefields twice or more times will not bring you anything except satisfaction of your supremacy and luck!

Please, follow the updates.

Happy Birthday, Dear Tankers! Come and show the world whether you are brave enough to fight with us, or against us!