Kill the Mod: Battle of Arracourt


Outnumbered, but not outwitted, the 4th Armored Division – lead by John S. Wood – exploited key tactical situations with high quality tank crews to stand their ground in the wake of the German forces' objectives of recapturing Lunéville. In all, the Battle of Arracourt was the largest tank clash for U.S. forces until the Battle of the Bulge.

In observance of Creighton Abrams' birthday – whom participated in the Battle of Arracourt – we’re excited to announce a special “Kill the Mod” event themed around the battle.

Dates & Times

The “Kill the Mod: Battle of Arracourt” event will run from September 16-18, 2011 at the following times:

  • 1AM PDT (4AM EDT) to 7AM PDT (10AM EDT)
  • 4PM PDT (7PM EDT) to 10PM PDT (1AM EDT)


The below tanks are those that will be used by special “WG_Mod” accounts during the event.


  • M4 Sherman
  • M4A3E8 Sherman
  • M5 Stuart
  • M10 Wolverine
  • M7 Priest


  • PzKbfw IV
  • StuG III
  • PzKpfw VI Tiger
  • PzKpfw V Panther
  • PzKpfw II Luchs

Accounts to kill!

Below you will find the accounts that will be played during the event. If you come across one as an enemy, be sure to give it your best to take them down!

  • WG_Mod_1
  • WG_Mod_2
  • WG_Mod_3

Note: Team kills do not count and will be punished accordingly.

If you happen to take down one of the accounts listed above, take a screenshot of the end-of-battle screen – with the window displaying your kill – and submit it in this thread. Shortly after the event ends, all those who have been confirmed to have killed one of the accounts will be credited with 250 gold.

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