Kill the Mod: Afterwipe

On the 16th of April starting at 2PM EDT/11AM PDT until 4PM EDT/1PM PDT players will be able to meet us on the battlefield and win some gold for it!

  • The event will take part during the above mentioned times. If you face us at any other time then that, the gold won’t be added to your accounts.
  • If the opposing team wins, each player of that team (all 15) will receive 250 Gold
  • If the team that the Mods are on wins, each player (all 12) will receive 250 Gold (developers and moderators don't get any).
  • Screenshots showing the score tables at the End of the battle are welcomed
  • After the event, the gold will be added to your accounts manually within a week.

Come and show the world whether you are brave enough to fight with us, or against us!

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