ImpulseGamer: World of Tanks Review

"It's a simple idea, one that has been done before in multiplayer tank games, though none so direct, so efficiently. It has small hints of a role playing game in it. Just enough to keep things interesting and engaging for those that care about such things, like the powdered sugary sweetness sprinkled on the top of your favorite desert. In World Of Tanks the entire joining of all its parts joins up to make one superbly satisfying ground pounding armored war experience. There is just something about the crack and thump of a tank gun, and the resounding clank of the empty shell hitting the floor followed by that sound of another round being loaded, it just make me smile."

A new World of Tanks review is provided by ImpulseGamer info-source. Its article gives a thorough description of WoT gameplay and its major features. Along with that, readers have an opportunity to learn main combat tactics and actions which one should do when in battle.

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