Hunt the Golden Joystick Contest

Golden Joystick


In our on-going fight for the Best MMO Golden Joystick Award, we have decided to offer another contest in our contest marathon, this time an in-game one. The rules are very easy, as similar to the Who Shot the Sheriff contests!

The accounts to search for are in the [WGNA] clan, and will all be named Sheriff_#. They will be playing at random times between now and October 14th! Be sure to keep on the lookout for these Golden Tanks! They will announce at the beginning of each battle:

"Congratulations Tankers! Any enemy who destroys the Golden tank will receive 500 gold! Good Luck! Note: Team kills do not count and will be punished accordingly."

They will be playing only German or USSR tanks.

You will not receive gold for team killing, and your account will be restricted. Team killing is not encouraged as it can result in your account being banned.



  • Everything will start the minute you see the message “Welcome to Hunt the Golden Joystick Contest!» in the chat for both teams before the battle starts. In one of the teams, there will be a Golden Tank with golden camo on it.
  • If this tank is in the enemy team, the goal is to destroy it!
  • Team killing this Golden Tank will not result in your receiving gold.
  • The timeframe for the contest will be from now until October 14. That means you have 5 days to meet the golden tanks and get some gold.
  • You will automatically receive the prize in your account after the end of the battle.
  • Destroying the Golden Tank: 500

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