Heavy Metal MVP


In honor of Ural Steel Weekend, we are running a Heavy Metal Most Valuable Player contest. So get out those Heavy Tanks and prepare yourself for battle.  You must use the same Heavy Tank for all three games, survive each battle and acquire the following achievements across three battles:

  • Kamikaze
  • Confederate
  • Top Gun

The winner will be determined by the highest combined XP score with a Heavy Tank.

This contest starts September 14 at 12:01 AM PDT (7:01 AM UTC) and ends Sunday, September 16, at 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC Monday)

The winner will be determined by the highest combined XP score

When you send in your submission, please be sure to add the amount of XP you earned for that battle.

•             If your battle was the first victory of the day, divide by 2

•             Premium accounts: divide your total XP by 15

•             Standard accounts: divide your total XP by 10

•             Only random battles allowed, no tank companies or clan wars. Platoons are acceptable also.

What to send in:

•             Send an email to events@worldoftanks.com

•             Include your game name in the email

•             Add: "Heavy Metal MVP in the subject of the email

•             Calculate your combined XP score and add that in your email

•             Mandatory:

o             A screenshot of the end of battle window (preferable) or the replay file of the battles you are submitting (can be found in /games/World_of_Tanks/Replays). To activate replays: In game, go to your Settings, in the Game tab, and you'll see towards the bottom left "Enable Battle Recording." Check that and your games will be automatically saved in the Replay folder within the World of Tanks Game file.

o             Three screenshots of the garage after your battles, showing the garage pop up with the XP gain, achievements, date of the battle and time (do not crop this image as that immediately disqualifies you).


•             1st:  8,000

•             2nd:  6,000

•             3rd: : 4,000

•             4th: : 2,000

•             5th: : 1,000

You have until Sunday September 16 at 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC Tuesday) to submit your battle by email, so use your time wisely.

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