Halloween Twitter Quiz

Halloween Twitter


Are you ready for another Twitter quiz? For Halloween weekend, we will be holding a special 3 day long quiz! Prepare yourselves to answer 30 questions on tanks, SPGs, tank destroyers and some general historical facts. Follow our Twitter page and answer the questions that will be posted there this weekend!

For the Oceanic players, 5 questions will be posted between 5:00PM and 7:30PM +7 UTC each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For North American players, 5 questions will be posted between 5:00PM and 7:30PM PDT each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (starting at 7PM CDT, 8PM EDT).

New questions will be asked each day at the same times between October 28 and October 30, 2011


Send an email to events@worldoftanks.com with:

  • Halloween Twitter in the email’s subject line
  • Your game name
  • If you are answering an Oceania or NA question
  • Your answer to the question


Subject Line of the email:

  Halloween Twitter



  Question 1


  This is my answer to this question

If your email is missing any of the above, your submission will not be considered for the quiz.

The prizes for this quiz differ from the previous ones:

From those that have answered ALL the questions correctly from their own time zone:

- 3 random winners will receive 1 year premium (3 for Na and 3 for Oceania)

- 5 random winners will receive 6 months premium (5 for NA and 5 for Oceania)

- the rest of these winners will each receive 3000 gold (in both NA and Oceania)

For each correct answer:

- 4 random players having correctly answered the question will receive 200 gold.

Following this example would help me go through all your submissions more efficiently.

Each question will be posted every 30 minutes. Each answer will be posted 10 minutes after the question was posted.


Question 1 is posted at 2 PM, Answer 1 is posted at 2:10 PM. You have those 10 minutes to send in your answer to the question by email. Question 2 will be posted then at 2:30 PM and the answer at 2:40 PM and so on.

Participation in the quiz does not require signing up for Twitter, though we definitely encourage you to follow us to stay updated on World of Tanks NA news!

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