Golden Joystick Rage Face Contest


Voting for Golden Joystick award is continuing and the battle isn’t over yet!  So we have decided to run the funniest contest we have ever had: Rage Face Golden Joystick! Those in the World of Tanks audience with a creative streak might be cheering now, as this contest is all about your creativity and wit.

How to participate:

Create your own short comic using rage faces.  You can either draw the images yourself, or just look for the already made ones online which you can modify and use!  The images are very simple and are made with the help of simple graphic programs such as MS Paint. 

The theme of the Rage Face Comic should be devoted to the Golden Joystick and World of Tanks world.  The main judging criteria for the comic will be humour.

The contest begins today, 18th October and will end at 11:59 PM PDT (06:59 UTC) on the 24th October. This means that you have almost seven days to create and post your own comic!

  • One entry per player allowed.
  • The comic should consist of at least three panels.
  • The maximum resolution allowed is up to 1024x768 in jpeg format.
  • The size of the image cannot exceed 700 kb
  • Upload your picture to an image storage location (such as Flickr or Photobucket). Your comic must be linked in a post to this special forum thread before the contest ends.  Images must be posted within spoiler tags. Example:  [ spoiler ] [img] image URL  [/img] [ /spoiler ]  (make sure you remove spaces from the code).
  • The comic must be related to the Golden Joystick nomination and voting process.
  • Comics must not break moral, ethical and legal standards and must follow standard forum rules for image content.
  • All comics must be in English

Each member of the community team will be judging your participation and the 3 highest rated comics will win a prize in form of shiny gold!  Remember that the main judging criteria will be on humour!  That’s right, your mission is to make the community team laugh.


  1. Place – 5000 gold
  2. Place – 4000 gold
  3. Place – 3000 gold


Tankers, entertain us and the whole community with some hilarious comics, and win great prizes!

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