Golden Joystick Contest #3 [UPDATED]


[Update] 10/17/2012 The contest is over and the  finalists have been posted! Check out the forum post here to see the art from the finalists and vote on your favorite. Your top 5 choices will win! Voting will end on Friday so make sure to cast your vote now.



 As the Golden Joystic Contest #3 is reaching its final stage we would like show you some of the entries from other servers:

Vote for World of Tanks



You still have time to take part in the contest  so don't miss your chance to win a prize!

The Golden Joystick Awards are still underway and World of Tanks is very much in the running for this year's Best MMO competition.  The battle for this coveted award cannot be won without the support of our awesome tanking community. Get out there and vote!

Our third Golden Joystick contest is designed to get the message out there in a very persuasive and memorable format. You'll be creating some good-old-fashioned propaganda posters!  You can take whatever angle you like--humorous, artistic, shocking, etc--(keep it classy and within the codes of conduct for World of Tanks) so long as it gets our community's attention. The contest will be divided in two stages:

1st stage (1 October – 14 October) – Create and upload your entry on our dedicated forum post.

2nd stage (15 October – 17 October) – We'll select the top entries, and then let you vote for your favorite!

Important conditions for submittal:

  • Works may be hand drawn or computer rendered
  • The poster should mention the Golden Joystick Awards (a call to vote, crush the competition, etc...)
  • The poster should not violate moral, ethic, or legal norm, and should conform to the forum and game rules
  • All work must be submitted on the entries post before October 14th at 23:59 PDT
  • The image should be a common picture format (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc)
  • All works should have a minimum size of 1024x768


1st Place:  10,000
2nd Place:  9,000
3rd Place:  8,000
4th Place:  7,000
5th Place6,000

Wonder what this whole Golden Joystick Award thing is all about? Check out our original call to action.

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