Gaming Nexus: World of Tanks Review

"I’m encased in seven-and-a-half tons of high-density American-made steel, with a 37mm Gun M1916 on the business end of my World War II tank. Which may sound impressive enough, but I’m actually one of the smallest and weakest vehicles on this battlefield. I’m in a T1 Cunningham light tank, to be specific. It’s the USA’s newbie tank, and it’s only one of 150 authentically crafted tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns found in's World of Tanks."

The review by the famous gaming source Gaming Nexus gives the detailed depiction of WoT gameplay and its key features, giving World of Tanks top score 100/100!

The author of the article tries in-game tanks and after struggling on the maps shares his vivid impressions of the game, demonstrating a good portion of combat experience gained. And we see that from his emotional battle story.

The Gaming Nexus article would be useful for newcomers, who wonder why the research is slow or why there are so few maps? And the answer is given in the review, as it reminds players that new maps unlock when you get a tank of a higher tier, as well as it explains what a player shall do when in battle for the first (or sometimes second) time. Eventually, the author comes to a conclusion that we should learn more from our mistakes and victory will come easier next time!

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