Gamespot Reviews World of Tanks

Gamespot Reviews World of Tanks

Media outlet Gamespot – hard at work conquering the battlefields of World of Tanks the past few months – have now offered up their review of the game. World of Tanks has received a score of 8/10, the best score given by the outlet to a Free-to-Play game ever.

Check out some of what the folks at Gamespot had to say about World of Tanks, or head over and read the full review!

World of Tanks is a great, accessible shooter that you'll probably end up spending some money on even though you don't have to.

Hear the title, see a few screenshots, and you could be forgiven for assuming that World of Tanks is a simulation game inaccessible to anyone who doesn't know the difference between a T20 and a T29. That's not the case at all though; World of Tanks is a shooter first and foremost, with uncomplicated controls and a relatively sedate pace that make it easy to get into. Furthermore, it's a free-to-play game that, while loaded with plenty of ways for you to spend money, can be enjoyed for countless hours without ever doing so. World of Tanks wouldn't be difficult to recommend even if reaching for your wallet was a prerequisite, so recommending that you give it a try for free is a no-brainer.

World of Tanks battles may last less than 15 minutes each, but this is a game that you're likely to lose hours, days, and weeks of your life to once you start playing. Don't be surprised if you're tempted to spend a little money on it at some point as well; you can absolutely have a great time playing for free indefinitely, but dropping a dollar here and there to train crew members or to transfer research points between tanks is money well spent. Also good value is the recently released retail copy of the game which, for $20, gets you $30 worth of in-game credits, gold, and a T2 tank. You should obviously check out the game for free before going out and buying that, but once you've decided that you want to play more of the game, the retail box is a good way to add to your in-game garage and bank balance early on. The important thing is that whether you're playing for free or spending a small fortune on premium projectiles, World of Tanks is a blast.

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