GamePro Gives World of Tanks a Top Score

The famous gaming portal GamePro gets a taste of World of Tanks, giving it its highest appraisal for audio, visuals and gameplay. It specifies that World of Tanks is a free-to-play MMO, and "it’s incredibly easy to download and get straight into battle".

The article depicts many game features such as Tank Trees, Battle modes, Tier Matching and in-game communication.

And finally, GamePro rates World of Tanks with a Top Score of 5/5!

"I can’t think of many “freemium” games that have truly captured my imagination. They’re usually super-casual time sinks that get really repetitive after a while, or they’re fun for a bit, but simply don’t offer much in terms of lasting gameplay. Not World of Tanks... If you’ve ever had dreams of being a wartime tank commander, you just absolutely have to try it out."

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