Gamefront: World of Tanks Review reviews World of Tanks, giving its high appraisal to the gameplay and presentation, which are accompanied by nice graphics and a great variety of battle maps. What is more, the author says, "everything in the game’s world is destructible".

Besides that, the article gives a brief description of Ultimate Conquest clan wars: "World of Tanks offers the usual team deathmatch mode, but takes it a step further. It is an MMO after all. The game also offers a global map, divided into provinces that are ready to be dominated by players from all over. Teams will fight for glory, power, and the top position on the leaderboards. Of course this takes teamwork, because in World of Tanks, victory doesn’t just go to the tank with the biggest gun or heaviest armor, but to the clearest head and most effective tactician."

"All together, I was extremely surprised and pleased with World of Tanks. It’s a new MMO title that breaks the mold which other MMOs have set in place. With nonstop action, a great team-based combat system, and endless features at your fingertips, this is a title that won’t leave you bored any time soon. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a great game, but can’t afford a monthly fee. After playing World of Tanks, I am surprised that it doesn’t have one. For more information about or to download the game, head on over to its official website."

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