French vs. German Scavenger Hunt


Cat vs Maus


We have prepared our next scavenger hunt to honor the battle of Montcornet that took place in May of 1940.  We've got a selection of 6 tanks for you to play with this time around.  Three from the German forces and three from the French.  Let's see if history* repeats itself!


  • PzKpfw III Ausf. A
  • PzKpfw III
  • PzKpfw 38 nA


  • D2
  • B1
  • AMX 40


  • You must play all your battles using only one of the tanks. 
  • You will need to achieve 6 or more total kills over 3 battles; however, each tank on the opposing list must be killed at least once .  If you're playing a French tank you'll need to kill any combination of the listed German tanks (killing each tank at least once), if you're playing a German tank you'll need to kill any combination of the listed French tanks (killing each tank at least once), totaling at least 6. 
  • All of your battles need to be done between  May 11, at 12:01 AM PDT (7:01 AM UTC) and May 13, at 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC). Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.
  • Only random battles allowed
  • Your final score will be based on your experience from all 3 of your battles. If you kill all 6 in less than 3 battles, then you stil need to submit 3 matches that include at least one kill from the opposing list.  Don't sell yourself short, you're trying to get the highest experience total possible!

Here is how you calculate your experience for each battle: 

    • If you get the first victory of the day, divide the XP by 2 (divide by 5 or 3 if there is a 5x or 3x exp special in effect)
    • For premium accounts: divide the XP earned by 15
    • For standard accounts, divide the XP earned by 10
    • The number you get is considered as your base XP score.
    • Add all 3 base XP scores together for your total base XP score.

What to send in:

  • Send your email with your screenshots/replay to
  • Send in a replay of your battle or a screenshot of the end of battle window showing which enemy tanks you killed (three total)
  • You need to take a screenshot of the garage popup after your battle and add it into your email (three total)
  • Add in your total base XP score in the email
  • Your replays can be found in /games/World_of_Tanks/Replays. To activate replays: In game, go to your Settings, in the Game tab, and you'll see towards the bottom left "Enable Battle Recording." Check that and your games will be automatically saved in the Replay folder within the World of Tanks Game file.
  • Add your in game name in the email
  • Subject of the email should be: French vs. German Scavenger Hunt and your in game name.



  • 1st place: 10000
  • 2nd place: 8000
  • 3rd place: 6000
  • 4th place: 4000
  • 5th place: 2000

*not all of these tanks were present at the battle, but we had to flex a bit for the sake of balancing the competition

Good luck and happy hunting!

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