Easter Eggs Found and Shot

Hundreds of players decided to spend the holiday on battlefields and participate in Easter hustle and bustle in WOT. The event lasted from 0:00 UTC April, 24rd till 0:00 UTC April, 25th and those who managed to solve our riddles and e-mailed the proofs of their findings (screenshots) within this period of time will be rewarded for their efforts.

Players who appeared to be the first to do it receive 2,500 gold. In addition we decided to reward those who also grasped the idea of the Easter riddles and proved it by shooting the “eggs” traces of which could be found in the most unexpected places of the community.  Players who captured our “eggs” but did not manage to be the first to report them receive 250 gold each.

According to the conditions of Easter competition 9 players were supposed to be absolute winners. Unfortunately not all the places where we hid the “eggs” were spotted. Thus the number of winners reduced to 4. They are Cousteau, aRmoreD_eX and rahx. All of them were the fastest in reporting discoveries providing screenshots. Their prize is 2500 gold. Besides there was another player  - d_black_se – whose prize is 5000 gold as he appeared to be the only one who spotted our WOTEasterEgg [WG] in one of the battles the tanker participated.

What exactly was meant to be found according to the riddle and who managed to solve them you will find on the forums.

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