The Drill'ers of the Asian/Oceanic Tourney

The Drill Boot Camp was immensely popular among World of Tanks players - hundreds of warriors formed dozens of teams to fight for its prizes.

The separate qualifying competition, which was organized for players from Asian and Oceanic countries, is over and World of Tanks is ready to name its winners. It is noteworthy that all the teams did their best to win and showed great results!

And now here they are, the victors of the Asian/Oceanic competition of the Drill Boot Camp:

503rd Typhon Witches knocked all enemy tanks down, bringing each player of this team a prize of 5,000 in-game gold! Congrats to the winners!

But their path was tough - in the finals the team struggled against Panzacs: Rolling Thunder, who fought with might and main for the first place. Panzacs: Rolling Thunder take second place and each player of this team will be awarded 2,500 in-game gold! We congratulate the participants on their achievements and thank them for the spectacular battles!

Meanwhile, the main Drill Boot Camp is not over yet and Brothers Grim, Iron Wolves [WOLF], 7thID, Angels of Death - Warborn, Old Timers Guild, [IR] Iron Raiders "T", Angels of Death - Amazing Horse and Zee Brothers Grim are waiting for their matches in the the quarter finals round of the Tournament!

5/60 Division Regulations

The Drill Boot Camp Discussion

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