The Drill Boot Camp Champions

The Drill Boot Camp engaged vehicles of 5/60 Division and attracted hundreds of players, who struggled for the prizes of the Tournament. Any tanks up to Tier 5 and SPGs up to Tier 4 had a great opportunity to participate in the Tourney. The matches were held on the map Westfield. The team that was first to gain at least 2 victories in 5 battles was considered to be the winning one.

Angels of Death - Amazing Horse, Angels of Death - Warborn, Brothers Grim and [IR] Iron Raiders "T" teams took part in the Semifinals of the main Drill Boot Camp Tournament, where they demonstrated extraordinary will to victory and excellent combat skills. The participants played brilliantly, but only two out of four teams could come through to the final. Angels of Death - Amazing Horse conquered Brothers Grim in the final round, producing spectacular fights and a triumphant win!

Thus, each player of Angels of Death - Amazing Horse will be rewarded with 10,000 in-game gold!

And each warrior of Brothers Grim will be credited 5,000 in-game gold!

We congratulate our winners: Angels of Death - Amazing Horse and 503rd Typhon Witches appeared to be the strongest teams of the main and Asian/Oceanic Drill Boot Camp Tourneys! But winners, beware as Brothers Grim and Panzacs: Rolling Thunder were beaten only by the narrowest of margins and are ready to step forward once again and prove they are the best of the best!

Congrats to every participant of the Tourney and good luck in the upcoming events!

5/60 Division Regulations

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